The China Society of Southern California

Fostering friendship, understanding and appreciation

between China and America since 1935


In the Beginning - 1935



Below are excerpts from the first bulletin of the Society


March 15, 1935

A number of people were called together in Soo Chow Café in Los Angeles Chinatown to formulate plans for the organization of a society thoroughly represented by energetic Chinese and American to foster friendship between these two nations.


May 8, 1935

A selected group of friends of China and America were guests at the home of Vice Consul Y.S. Kiang for an informal evening. Consul Kiang outlined the purpose of the gathering and his vision of a well-supported Chinese American organization with far reaching results.

Dr. William F. Hummel presided over the memorable session, where the policy was definitely presented for the proposed fellowship group. It is to be purely CULTURAL.


May 17, 1935

Mr. Peter SooHoo met with his committee to lay plans for the inauguration meeting. The date was tentatively set for June 3, with a dinner at the Soo Chow Café for a limited reservation list of 150 persons. The name: “THE CHINA SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA” was decided upon.


June 6, 1935

Charter Membership Dinner at Soo Chow Café with over 180 enthusiasts present. Mr. Peter Soo Hoo, presided as host. The friends of China and America were inspired by the messages of Vice-Consul Y.S. Kiang, Dr. William F. Hummel, Dr. Hans von Koerber, Mr. Lim P. Lee, General Tu Ting Hsiu, and Mrs. Bessie Ochs. Mr. D.R. Fong played the Chinese moon harp to a delighted audience. The vision of a large and powerful association born in Southern California and spreading up and down the Pacific Coast and far east to the Atlantic; with headquarters in Los Angeles and federated societies in every state of the Union, brought a glow to every eye and a thrill to every heart.


June 17, 1935

Publication of the Society’s first bulletin.



The first bulletin in its entirety tells the story of the founding of The China Society of Southern California. Click here to see a scanned copy of the first bulletin.